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03 April 2007

Manic Monday

A change in weather causes a change in mood causes a change in music, sometimes. Though I feel a bit bog-downed with the week looming ahead, I am enjoying the sounds of MIKA. He's very fun and upbeat.

That note aside, the Variety Show is Wednesday (8-9:30 at UNE). I am one of the hosts...I don't exactly play an important role on stage, but I scripted and video taped for the skits we will be doing. It should be fun, I hope you can make it.

It was absolutely beautiful this Sunday...maybe not in terms of sun, but certainly in terms of temperature. Which brings us to today's photo. This is one of the Biddeford Mills, and was taken from my tower. I was so excited to open up the windows and found some excellent photo opportunities. This one came through with the most natural color, the others were fairly grey. Yes, it was a grey day, but I wanted to convey the warmth I could feel.

So, there you have it. I hope you're succeeding in the spring allergy battle, because I'm certainly struggling.


  1. you should see if you can get some nice night shots, of this veiw or of MERC. One would be nostalgic and iconic, the other would be terrifying but iconic nontheless. which is which, you decide. and a wink, for good measure

  2. yay! welcome to the world of blogging. I hope I getn an entry dedicated to me when I come to visit.


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