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27 April 2007

Let me occupy your mind, as you do mine

It's 12:33 in the AM and here I sit, procrastinating my Citizenship paper via reminiscing about Sydney. Really, I don't think I could have asked for a better time or greater people to be with. The roommate situation worked out perfectly, everybody was civil and mature (for the most part) and we had a lot of fun. I don't know if I've ever felt as comfortable anywhere as I did when I was in Sydney. The odd thing was that living in the city seemed to come so natural to me, some one who has been raised in the suburbs/rural arena. But I truly loved it. The people, the bustle, the activities, the close proximity to everything, it was something else. Yes, I had my gripes about the smell of the Central Station tunnel and the coldness of some folks and the lack of green, but everything just seemed to fit. And no matter what happened, everything was okay. No worries, exactly.

And now here I am at the end of my college years, not exactly knowing what comes next. Hopefully graduate school and then a job that will let me travel. Maybe I'll get to go back someday. It's more than a stone's throw away of course, but I think I could stay, I do. Could you?

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  1. not so much on the autumn and foliage in Sydney though. Which I suppose just means Noah will have to mail you leaves...


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