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29 April 2007

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday I went to breakfast at the Cole Road Cafe with my dad, and then lunch with my Auntie at Dry Dock. The meals were delicious indeed. I spent the rest of the day walking around Fortune's Rock Beach, taking some photos. It was absolutely lovely, I hadn't been out to the beach alone in awhile. And at this time of year in Maine, the beaches are vacant. Which is nice. Very can breathe deep.

27 April 2007

Let me occupy your mind, as you do mine

It's 12:33 in the AM and here I sit, procrastinating my Citizenship paper via reminiscing about Sydney. Really, I don't think I could have asked for a better time or greater people to be with. The roommate situation worked out perfectly, everybody was civil and mature (for the most part) and we had a lot of fun. I don't know if I've ever felt as comfortable anywhere as I did when I was in Sydney. The odd thing was that living in the city seemed to come so natural to me, some one who has been raised in the suburbs/rural arena. But I truly loved it. The people, the bustle, the activities, the close proximity to everything, it was something else. Yes, I had my gripes about the smell of the Central Station tunnel and the coldness of some folks and the lack of green, but everything just seemed to fit. And no matter what happened, everything was okay. No worries, exactly.

And now here I am at the end of my college years, not exactly knowing what comes next. Hopefully graduate school and then a job that will let me travel. Maybe I'll get to go back someday. It's more than a stone's throw away of course, but I think I could stay, I do. Could you?

26 April 2007

Everyday is the Earth's Day...

Last Friday, the day before UNE's Earth Day bash ("Reduce, Reuse, Rock Out") I was strolling across campus and saw this stump, right between the quad and Alfond. A very smooth cut, yes. Wood is extremely beautiful to photograph. As are trees. Granted, this tree could have already been uprooted, knocked around, or split in half by the nor'easter we had last week, but nevertheless it's such an ironic site to see after gazing at the numerous Earth Day flyers and announcements. And the campus grounds have been known to be paved over for no apparent (I emphasize apparent) reason in example, the curved extension on the path behind Avila.

Please note the World/Earth flag. Please note the American flag. And lastly, let's compare the sizes, shall we? Of course (and hopefully) the significant difference in size was unintentional and UNE was just doing a good thing by putting up the World flag in lieu of Earth Day. But it does raise a political eyebrow. Is America truely that dominant in the world? Does America see itself as more important than the rest of the world? Why don't we capitalize "world" anyway, isn't it a proper noun? Or are there only "proper" nations?

20 April 2007

And then the rain came down, and washed it all away

As most of you may know, this week has been quite wet (to say the least). A Nor'Easter struck the Southern Maine area hard on Sunday night, and today was the first day of actual sunlight sans rain since. This photo was taken on Tuesday, on my way back from classes. Crooked signs were really the least of troubles. I housed a couple of good friends that were evacuated from their Hills Beach home on Monday. Things are drying up now, I'm going to take a drive around tomorrow and hopefully come up with some nifty "natural disaster" pictures.

I really enjoy that moment...right when the pitter-patter of the rain hushes and then stops completely, and then everything lightens (brightens) up. Even the air. These are my feet. Dry and warm, propped up on my loveseat's arm, soaking in the window's sunlight.

13 April 2007

My Darling, I...Can't Get Enough of Your Love

Darling Harbor on a rainy day in September. If I recall correctly, I do believe this is from when Dana, Jess, and I attempted to visit the wildlife park in Darling Harbor. And it rained, a lot.

I also believe that I quite possibly just ruined any chance of showing my thesis in the CAS Symposium. More on this later...

12 April 2007

beautiful accidents

This photo was actually an accident. I was driving to school for an etiquette reception and it was absolutely beautiful today - the sun was shining and the air was warm. So I decided to snap a couple of shots coming out of my parking lot. I still had my camera in hand when I turned and took this by accident, and I really like how it turned out.

06 April 2007

it's a snow day, you're my medicine

We had an absolutely beautiful snow day in Maine today. Absolutely breath-taking. I'm not necessarily impressed by snow fall (though I was a bit surprised since it has been so warm), however there is something about the way the snow was sticking to everything today...just like in a painting or a Winter Wonderland scene. It was beautiful, and I actually drove back home to retrieve my camera before continuing with my day's adventures (one of which included traversing through Saco sans street lines).

I kind of felt like an investigator reporter today, or at least a photo journalist. There were so many trees knocked down, split in half, and entangled in telephone wires! And (here comes the big news), the Dunkin Donuts was closed. Le gasp! I know. I was snapping pictures left and right, while walking or while sitting in my car as it warmed up. A fun in findings day, it was.

I am a huge fan of color. During my rather mundane snow day, I was blinded by an American flag...the red stripes stinging my eyes from afar, separating itself from the greys and whites of the daylight. I didn't have my camera at that point, and I was driving, and I don't think a photo could have ached the eyes as this site did. But during my search for WiFi to mooch on, I noticed this lovely green prop of a plant, sitting alone on the cold grey floor by the blinding white window. It made me feel warm.

03 April 2007

Manic Monday

A change in weather causes a change in mood causes a change in music, sometimes. Though I feel a bit bog-downed with the week looming ahead, I am enjoying the sounds of MIKA. He's very fun and upbeat.

That note aside, the Variety Show is Wednesday (8-9:30 at UNE). I am one of the hosts...I don't exactly play an important role on stage, but I scripted and video taped for the skits we will be doing. It should be fun, I hope you can make it.

It was absolutely beautiful this Sunday...maybe not in terms of sun, but certainly in terms of temperature. Which brings us to today's photo. This is one of the Biddeford Mills, and was taken from my tower. I was so excited to open up the windows and found some excellent photo opportunities. This one came through with the most natural color, the others were fairly grey. Yes, it was a grey day, but I wanted to convey the warmth I could feel.

So, there you have it. I hope you're succeeding in the spring allergy battle, because I'm certainly struggling.

01 April 2007

Photo Upload Test

This is where I live.

Welcome to you (and me)

Hello and welcome to the beginning of my blog.

I've been wanting to start a blog for quite some time, and since graduation is just a month away, I decided now would be an excellent time to begin. I also have dreams of creating my own film production company (Reel Culture) be on the look out for that.

Well, I think that's enough of a start. It's a lovely Spring evening and I am presently being serenaded by the beautiful finger-pickings of Noah Harrison.