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06 April 2007

it's a snow day, you're my medicine

We had an absolutely beautiful snow day in Maine today. Absolutely breath-taking. I'm not necessarily impressed by snow fall (though I was a bit surprised since it has been so warm), however there is something about the way the snow was sticking to everything today...just like in a painting or a Winter Wonderland scene. It was beautiful, and I actually drove back home to retrieve my camera before continuing with my day's adventures (one of which included traversing through Saco sans street lines).

I kind of felt like an investigator reporter today, or at least a photo journalist. There were so many trees knocked down, split in half, and entangled in telephone wires! And (here comes the big news), the Dunkin Donuts was closed. Le gasp! I know. I was snapping pictures left and right, while walking or while sitting in my car as it warmed up. A fun in findings day, it was.

I am a huge fan of color. During my rather mundane snow day, I was blinded by an American flag...the red stripes stinging my eyes from afar, separating itself from the greys and whites of the daylight. I didn't have my camera at that point, and I was driving, and I don't think a photo could have ached the eyes as this site did. But during my search for WiFi to mooch on, I noticed this lovely green prop of a plant, sitting alone on the cold grey floor by the blinding white window. It made me feel warm.

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  1. this is a darn cool shot. I kinda want to steal it, fram it and hang it in my new texas apartment.


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