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30 July 2007

Paul Bunyan lives in Bangor

And he actually is somewhat of a time capsule, to be opened in about 100 years from now I believe.

17 July 2007

To New Beginnings

I like this photo. It's from my recent trip to Millinocket. This is from my hike through Gulf Hagus. I like that the man is slightly out of focus, because it alludes to a life well lived.

Today I received a phone call from Miami International University of Art and Design, congratulating me on my acceptance. Celebratory events are to follow, I'm very excited to now know the next step in my life. I may be moving to Miami sooner than expected if I get this Production Assistant job I applied for. It's for 3 months and sounds like a lot of fun, so we shall see. If not, it looks as though my time in Maine will be up around August or possibly mid-September before heading down to PA and then to Miami for a solid one and a half years of schooling.

I hope to live well and leave blurred images because of it.

06 July 2007

Pollock 1

An artistic experimental experiment a la Jackson Pollock. Six shades of paint, five brushes, two artists and one canvas. This painting is appropriately entitled "Stuck in a Moment."