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08 December 2011


A beautiful, towering tree inside a bank.  Decorations included pine cones, apples, wooden stars, and Lebkuchen.

Beautiful statues behind bars.  I don't know exactly why I like this image so much.  Perhaps it's the contrasting nature of the holiness shared within the church that also appears to be secluded and just out of reach...

15 October 2011

Occupy Freiburg

About 200 people gathered in Augustiner Platz in Freiburg, Germany, in support of the occupy movement.  Though not a very large city, Freiburg is quite international and thus hosted speakers from not only Germany, but from Spain, America, France, and beyond.

They continue to meet every Sunday to voice their opinions and suppressed feelings, whatever they may be.  German is the main language spoken, however there are usually people willing to translate.

United for Global Change

Tomorrow, the 15th of October, there will be demonstrations across the globe in solidarity with the movement that began at grass roots, stretched to wall street and is now all around us.  I'm proud to go out tomorrow and show my frustration with the system that has proven to be less than functional time and time again.  Tomorrow I will go out and stand for my fellow graduates who also can't find work and have loan companies breathing down their necks to pay back the exorbitant amount of money they spent to become educated.  This has been a pain in my side for far too long, and now it's time to get out and join with others who share the sentiment.

Freiburg - 15.00 in Augustinerplatz.  Come one, come all.

08 October 2011

Occupy your street.

Many of you may have heard about the "Occupy Wall Street" movement that began in New York and has since spread accross America and even the World.

If you're out of work or stuck working in a job you're over qualified for because there was no other choice. If you can't afford the education you desire and/or need or if you have thousands in debt from your education. If you're out on the streets or living a comfortable life but recognize the injustices done unto others. If you can't afford a decent meal. If you pay your taxes. If you feel your voice is not being heard.

If you care about your future...
Get up, go out and show your solidarity! Occupy your street!

And spread the word!

On October 15th, there is going to be a Worldwide Protest. Check out the link for info on a protest nearest you.  If there isn't one nearby, organize one!!!  This is your chance.  Everyone is getting up and rallying in solidarity, so now is the time to get your voice heard.

(photo from

01 October 2011


First day of October and the air is fresh.

I've neglected my blog, basically all summer long, so you can expect numerous back-dated entries to come with photos from my summer adventures.  But for now, off to the FloMarkt.

For your viewing pleasure, this is the newest (pretty sure, at least) music video from one of my favorite bands, Gotye. They're on tour now, actually.  Check 'em out.

24 September 2011

der Papst

Pope Benedict XVI, who is German, came home for a visit to Freiburg.  The city center was packed, though no one was allowed into or near the Munsterplatz.  The Vatican flag was donned wherever a flag could be raised.  Street vendors sold "Pope Totes" and Christian groups spread the good word through their pamphlets and prayers.  Most who came to see der Papst in his "Pope Mobile"were enthralled by merely being a face in the crowd in his almighty presence.

Others portrayed their disgust with the Catholic church through some graffiti and light protesting.

10 September 2011


Spent a lovely day in Luzern, Switzerland.

Mit schönes Wetter und Blumen auch.

20 August 2011


A walk through Evergreen cemetery with my Nan has always been, and will always be, a delight.


The reflection pool at the Christian Science Center in Boston.

10 August 2011

The G.C.

No words can describe, and no photo can fully encompass, such an enormity of vast, natural beauty.  Not larger than life, but larger than expectations and imagination.  Simply, uniquely, beautiful.

Hoover Dam

From the bustling streets of Vegas to the bustling tourist spot of the Hoover Dam, en route to the Grand Canyon.

The water level was quite low, as you can see...

09 August 2011

Vegas, baby, Vegas.

2 nights in Vegas before embarking on a week camping trip around Arizona and Utah to visit all the glories of nature.

The Vegas I expected...

And the Vegas that delighted me...

07 August 2011

Battle of Gettysburg

A day at the historic battlegrounds of Gettysburg.  The photo below is of a statue in commemoration of the 111th New York Infantry.

02 August 2011

2 1/2 days in Reykjavik

Our summer travels began with a 2 1/2 day stop over in Reykjavik, Iceland.  We spent our short time there walking around the city and then embarked on a bus tour into the Thingvelir National Forest.

View of Reykjavik from the church steeple.

One stop on the bus tour - geysers!

The photo above is of "Litle-Geysir" or "Little Geyser".  The oldest geyser in Iceland is named "Geysir", hence the root of the word commonly used today for these.  Geysir is no longer active, and Litl-Geysir has yet to be active.

20 June 2011

Camden Market

Walking around Camden Market on a warm, sunny (!) day in London.

18 June 2011

A lovely day at the seaside

Ah yes, the historic English seashore of Whitstable, the pearl of Kent.  It was invigorating to breath in some refreshing salty air, shame we had to go to England to get it, though.  The beach may be filled with rocks and oyster shells but it's just not the same as the breathtaking and often eery rocky coast of Maine.  Soon enough, though.  Soon enough.

Also, here is a short video I came across about oyster fishing circa 1909 in Whitstable.

25 April 2011

Hindi Wedding

My darling Nisha got married.  A beautiful wedding, equipped with tons of family and friends, delicious food, and unexpected reunions.  :-)  So happy I was able to make the trip.

25 March 2011

07 March 2011

No if, ands, or butts about it

This is the Freiburg Munster, of which I see almost everyday.  It is certainly a beauty to behold, and anyone who is able to should certainly climb the tower and dine on the beautiful view of Freiburg and the nearby Black Forest.

04 March 2011


As a self-proclaimed creative mind of sorts, I feels it's only appropriate to honor various art forms, whether or not I partake or prescribe to them.  Today I want to enlighten you to Dadaism.

This is Cabaret Voltaire (located on a little side street in Zurich, Switzerland) as it was when my mom arrived for her German adventure.  We caught a graffiti artist in action, as part of the "support local artists" initiative.  This tiny nightclub (or so defined by Wikipedia, I would consider it more of an art cafe, then again I have never been upstairs at night) which was founded by Hugo Ball and Emmy Hennings in 1916.  The cabaret began as a bit of an artist refugee, where all artists could come to express and experiment through spoken word, dance, and music.  This is considered the birthplace of Dada, as it is where Hugo Ball read the Dada Manifesto.

File:Hugo Ball Cabaret Voltaire.jpg

This is a very famous photo, and certainly not my own.  This is Hugo Ball performing a Dada reading.  His outfit is as obscure as his poem/reading was.  Dada is about sounds, and feelings... and above all forgetting about the words.  I enjoy this in the way that it forces you not to derive meaning from words (as Dada often includes no words at all, but mere vowel sounds), but just to feel.  On the other hand, it is a little silly, and admittedly so...

"How does one achieve eternal bliss? By saying dada. How does one become famous? By saying dada."
- Hugo Ball, Dada Manifesto.