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26 April 2007

Everyday is the Earth's Day...

Last Friday, the day before UNE's Earth Day bash ("Reduce, Reuse, Rock Out") I was strolling across campus and saw this stump, right between the quad and Alfond. A very smooth cut, yes. Wood is extremely beautiful to photograph. As are trees. Granted, this tree could have already been uprooted, knocked around, or split in half by the nor'easter we had last week, but nevertheless it's such an ironic site to see after gazing at the numerous Earth Day flyers and announcements. And the campus grounds have been known to be paved over for no apparent (I emphasize apparent) reason in example, the curved extension on the path behind Avila.

Please note the World/Earth flag. Please note the American flag. And lastly, let's compare the sizes, shall we? Of course (and hopefully) the significant difference in size was unintentional and UNE was just doing a good thing by putting up the World flag in lieu of Earth Day. But it does raise a political eyebrow. Is America truely that dominant in the world? Does America see itself as more important than the rest of the world? Why don't we capitalize "world" anyway, isn't it a proper noun? Or are there only "proper" nations?

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