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05 December 2009

And so it is...

This is a photo from the Roman Baths in Bath, my last excursion while studying in Canterbury. We also went to Stonehenge.

29 July 2009

sloppy, but tasty

My first attempt at a Black Forest cake. Not too bad, and it tasted even better! I'm on the hunt for jobs now, with not much to report, sadly. One month to complete my dissertation, one month (same month) to sort things out for where I'll be when I'm done here. And I haven't baked anything in 2 weeks. But a degree in Anthropology won't get me a job as a baker. Oh well, chin up and eyes open for an opportunity.

07 April 2009

walk around in circles

This is a photo from the Norman Castle in Canterbury (what's left of it). If you walk the Canterbury wall, you'll run into it at some point.

Spring term is over, but the struggle with my dissertation continues. Currently, my topic is self-expression, music, and the d/Deaf community. If you know anyone who is d/Deaf, hard of hearing, or a sign language interpreter, please drop me a note!

27 March 2009

such a beautiful feeling

Today I've decided to change my dissertation topic from German sign language/the German deaf community to philanthropy in the UK. I've been pushed and pushed to keep my study within the UK and so there you have it. An anthropological look into the philanthropists of the UK. I'm not nearly as passionate about this topic, but I'm hoping to either learn something endearing about the place I've begun to abhor or to be able to slightly uncover something superficial. As with all things, we'll see how it goes.

As an aside, I plan to update more often. This photo is not mine, but I've edited it.

11 March 2009

Crab and Winkle Link

As promised, another post.

I seem to be lacking motivation. I've been struggling with my MA program because it is nothing like I was expecting or wanted. It's frustrating, but I have hope that my dissertation will give me something I've been needing. If in fact it is approved. Please excuse my poor outlook right now, UK academia (at least from my experience at Kent) has been quite discouraging. I was once considering moving on to a PhD, but I think right now I want to be away from University.

In other, more exciting news, I'm learning German and reading up on German sign language.