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30 December 2013

Strasbourg (round 2)

The Cathedral, from the outside this time.

Miniature Strasbourg under the town tree.

Close up of the tree decor before they de-decorate.  Is there a word for removing decorations?

28 December 2013

Strasbourg! Weihnachtsmarkt and Cathedral

No trip to any Christmas market is complete without a Gl├╝hwein, or in this case a Vin Chaud.  And this one was made by a forest gnome, so you know it was the real deal.

The incredibly old, amazingly intricate, once-referred-to-by-Mark-Twain-in-some-story-of-his (according to my travel buddy) clock.

Death rings in the hour.

Just as no trip to a Christmas market is complete without a warm beverage, no trip to a cathedral is complete without a pic of a beautiful stained glass window.  And this was on an overcast day, so just imagine the beauty when the sun shines through it!

17 December 2013

Pre-Christmas in Canters

A brief visit to an alma mater.  Can't believe it's been 5 years already…