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20 April 2007

And then the rain came down, and washed it all away

As most of you may know, this week has been quite wet (to say the least). A Nor'Easter struck the Southern Maine area hard on Sunday night, and today was the first day of actual sunlight sans rain since. This photo was taken on Tuesday, on my way back from classes. Crooked signs were really the least of troubles. I housed a couple of good friends that were evacuated from their Hills Beach home on Monday. Things are drying up now, I'm going to take a drive around tomorrow and hopefully come up with some nifty "natural disaster" pictures.

I really enjoy that moment...right when the pitter-patter of the rain hushes and then stops completely, and then everything lightens (brightens) up. Even the air. These are my feet. Dry and warm, propped up on my loveseat's arm, soaking in the window's sunlight.

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