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23 August 2012

Badische Staatsbrauerei Rothaus

Today we ventured to the Rothaus Brauerei (brewery) in Rothaus, near Schluchsee.  We had a delightful uphill trek through the woods, with a crisscross of pavement here and some cows there.  Once atop, we had a some beer, a tour of the facilities, and then some more beer and a 'traditional Black Forest lunch' (as it was called).  As the sun set we descended back to 'see'-level and took the train back home.  A great way to spend a Thursday!

Bottled, foiled, and ready to be boxed.

Where the yeast rises.  Or settles, I can't remember which...

Sun setting on Schluchsee

03 August 2012

Zähringer Berg

Took a little walk this summer's day just across 'town' to the Zähringer Berg with some friends and a dog named Mr. Bailey.  We got lost in the woods for a bit, but the view was well worth it.  The countryside looked just like a painting of a landscape.

02 August 2012

My what big fruit you have...

Some of this summer's yield from Alex's dad's garden...

Zucchini versus a bottle of Spätburgunder rot wein.

Zucchini versus a bottle of Malibu

Tomato (yes, that is one tomato) versus my hand