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24 June 2007

Summer is for Sharing

What is it that's so appealing about a blue back drop? The eyes find it comforting and attractive...maybe because of it's abundance and the connection made with the larger entities of our lives, such as the sky and the ocean? Whatever it may be, it works. It's non-abrasive and attractive. A good back drop for any color tone. At least that's why they use it for the news. But this - a silhouette - is simple. Beauty in simplicity, a simple camera trick.

17 June 2007

A beautiful day with a borrowed camera

The rain let up enough to provide a good day for taking some pictures on Friday. I haven't really spent too much time outside this summer. But now that I'm settling into a regular (though nutty) work schedule, I think I'll be able to spend more time taking pictures and just lounging outside.

Not much else to comment on. I'm just trying to stay awake at work...

08 June 2007

Every picture tells a story, don't it?

This post's title is a quote from Rod Stewart's song, Every Picture Tells a Story. I've never seen Almost Famous, but lately I've been enjoying the soundtrack. This photo was taken on a rainy Sunday night. Last Sunday, to be exact. I didn't notice it, but a friend pointed it out to me. Graffiti itself has always fascinated me, and I feel that it is ever so appropriate to have "fate" scrawled on the lid of a trash can. In quotations nonetheless.

I recently started a part-time job at WGME-13 as an operations technician. The hours are less than glamourous, but I sincerely enjoy the people I get to work with, and I'm learning a lot. I'm still waiting to hear back from the 2 grad schools I've applied to. As it turns out, the grade for my senior thesis was never turned in, leaving my transcript incomplete. Hopefully I can get this mess cleared up before the weekend, so I will hear back within the week.

07 June 2007

The words go "La la la la la"

Spring is now here, now that the flowers have emerged and the trees have once again turned green. Maine is beautiful.