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29 May 2007

Monuments and Memorials

Today there was a Memorial Day parade. I wish I had known ahead of time, I wanted to be down taking some photos. But instead I kind of woke up to it. I miss being in parades.

And the mills cease to amaze me. I find them very powerful, and beautiful.

28 May 2007

And hence

I just recently started to work at WGME Channel 13 in Portland in the Master Control Room. I've learned a lot this past week and pretty soon my training will be complete and I'll be working some very late nights on my own. But I'm enjoying myself.

This past week was incredibly busy for me, aside from starting a new job, a trip to the ER, a concert in Boston, and babysiting on top of that. So it was nice to take a day off today to just sit and enjoy myself. I guess that's why I chose the above picture for this post, it's my Nana about to indulge in a special peach dessert.

13 May 2007

A toast!

Graduation was yesterday. I have officially and sucessfully completed my BA. And it feels good, it truly does. It's a wonderful thing, to be around people that fully love and support you. I am starting to feel a sense of pride, as many say that I should. And so I am posting this's of a tulip, and I'm quite proud of it. Cheers.

01 May 2007

I've looked at clouds that way...

The day started our very grey and full of rain, but then the sky lit up as the clouds seperated at about 7 this evening.

Gorgeous. An excellent evening of photos.