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10 March 2014

Chienbäse in Liestal

Wooden wagons - chariots - of fire being pulled through the streets of Liestal, Switzerland as part of an annual celebration in conjunction with Fasnet.

01 March 2014


A beautiful, sunny winter/spring walk from the woods to Zähringen to the homestead of Gufi.  So empty and open and ready. Just a feel-good time, enjoyable day, and a breath of fresh air.

20 February 2014

Meet Betsy

As you can see, this is her first re-string.

Isn't she pretty?

16 February 2014

Fasching on Film in Kollnau

This is what happens when they spot you...


…and then there was confetti under my hat and down my jacket.  C'est la Fasnet!

A milder Narren, this is what happens when they just want their picture taken:

A common pose to strike is the nose-pick, usually followed by blowing a kiss or handing over some candy.

I did not receive any candy.