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28 October 2010

For all of The Great Pumpkin believers and Autumn lovers

Tricks and Treats

Germany has many delectable treats to offer.  During this very special time of the year (Halloween!) and in being an expat, I appreciate the part of globalization that brought about a very mild interest in Halloween over here.  Here are some goodies I've sampled:

This is an Amerikana frosted as a Jack-O-Lantern.  It looked promising and I thought it would taste a bit like a sugar cookie, but I was very wrong.  It was a sour kind of sweet, the frosting was wicked sweet, and the texture was more like a muffin top.
Definite Trick.

This is some sort of pastry (I don't recall the name) in the form of a Geist.  I had my reserves after the Amerikana, but this was a different pastry and my longing for Halloween goodies got the better of me.  It was quite thick, about an inch and a half, and I expected it to taste like shortcake.  It was soft, not too sweet, and absolutely delicious!
The perfect birthday Treat.

04 October 2010

Mein Liebling Oktober

I have always loved October, for various reasons.  I love the fall.  The smell of the air, the crunch of dead leaves, the soups... and I consider it the start of the 'holiday season' for me.  October means back to school, my birthday, Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and into the New Year.  October is when the year slows down just a bit for you to breathe before the rest of the year whips past you.

October is quite special in Germany, with Oktoberfest (which actually begins in September), Reunification Day (on the 3rd... not widely celebrated, actually), and pumpkins.  Oh the pumpkins!  Pumpkin everything: bread, soup, casserole, cookies...

Well, I don't have a recent pumpkin photo for you, but I do have a Brezeln photo to share, from Oktoberfest.  More on pumpkins later.