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14 November 2012


Statue in Elzach, Germany.  Note the workers trying to resurrect the structure while the one sitting atop drinks a beer.

Display created for one of the many alcohol stands at the Plaza Culinaria in Freiburg.  It continued to the right, outlining the top of the door frame.

11 November 2012


From the knit graffiti movement that began in Texas to... Tübingen, Germany!  "Making street art a little more warm and fuzzy."

Also, check out Magda Sayeg (founder of this movement, and mother of 'yarn bombing').

06 November 2012

A Sunday in Rottenburg

While in Tübingen, we decided to take a short train ride to Rottenburg, a small town rumored to be quite beautiful.  It was rainy and quiet, everything was close and barely anyone was out and about... but I can concur it is a lovely little town.

05 November 2012


This weekend we went to visit a good friend in the little University-town of Tübingen.  Here are just a few of the sites, for your voyeuristic intention.

We took a walk along the river.  In truth, the river is disgustingly dirty, dirty water (Charles River dirty, I'd say), but it was a lovely stroll nevertheless.  Besides, once the sun started to set all of the fall foliage took on beautiful hues, and the murky water served as a surprisingly ideal backdrop.

Simply love the exposed beams and sloping roofs of old German houses.  This one has obviously been touched up a bit and doesn't have the natural, dark ruggedness that is usually portrayed; but the lines and the coloring of the light, yellowy wood against the light blue, cloudy sky are so appealing to the eye.

Graffitied home to a (democratic/social) movement of sorts.  A house of ideas and speech, perhaps.  Honestly I don't really know, i couldn't get enough info from our host about what it really was other than these vague ideas.  Regardless, perched at a busy intersection it certainly stood out from the dull greyness of its modern city surroundings.