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31 October 2012

Birthday/Halloween Goodies

For my 3rd Birthday/Halloween in Germany, I celebrated with all of the many indulgences I've grown to love:

A lovely b-day package from mom allowed me to nom on some Halloween-themed Mac 'n Cheese.  Oh, edible nostalgia!

For my birthday dinner, I treated my guests to my favorite-to-make Halloween meal: stuffed Jack-O-Peppers (pictured) and stuffed intestines.  I made both meat and veggie versions (for the Peppers, I used kidney beans instead of ground beef, and for the intestines I added ground beef).  Check out the recipes and try them for yourself!

mmmm... I attempted some Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes for the first time and they were yummy!  I didn't bother with the ganache, since I thought it would make too much of a mess (and, quite frankly, I didn't have any extra time to fuss with it), but I'm sure it makes them taste even more amazing.

Lastly, a shot of 'Brain Hemorrhage'.  This was at a bar, so I didn't make it myself, but it had Bailey's in it, which always makes for a tasty treat in my book.  :-)

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