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05 November 2012


This weekend we went to visit a good friend in the little University-town of Tübingen.  Here are just a few of the sites, for your voyeuristic intention.

We took a walk along the river.  In truth, the river is disgustingly dirty, dirty water (Charles River dirty, I'd say), but it was a lovely stroll nevertheless.  Besides, once the sun started to set all of the fall foliage took on beautiful hues, and the murky water served as a surprisingly ideal backdrop.

Simply love the exposed beams and sloping roofs of old German houses.  This one has obviously been touched up a bit and doesn't have the natural, dark ruggedness that is usually portrayed; but the lines and the coloring of the light, yellowy wood against the light blue, cloudy sky are so appealing to the eye.

Graffitied home to a (democratic/social) movement of sorts.  A house of ideas and speech, perhaps.  Honestly I don't really know, i couldn't get enough info from our host about what it really was other than these vague ideas.  Regardless, perched at a busy intersection it certainly stood out from the dull greyness of its modern city surroundings.

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