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13 January 2013

I heart Fasnet (part one) - Elzach Narrentreff

And now time for my most beloved Black Forest tradition - Fasnet!  This year there was a 'Narrentreff' in Elzach, a town just north of here.  It's only in Elzach every 16 years, so I was very lucky (and thrilled!) to have the opportunity to go.
Banner of the Narrenschuttig in Elzach.

Here is one of the Narren (or Harlequins) in action - he's about to hit the woman that was standing next to me with an inflated pig bladder.

Basically all of the men (and a few women) in Elzach dress up and parade.  These groups of Narren are broken up with small bands, dressed as masked clowns.  They all play the same tune, and if you ever get the chance to go to this parade, the song will most certainly stay in your head all day.

This little guy was from one of the other visiting groups that day.  Typically children don't where wooden masks because they are quite expensive to make and they will most likely grow out of them quite quick.  I imagine this mask has been in the family for awhile.  Or maybe it was the mayor's son.

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