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04 January 2013

Wilkommen in der 2013!

I like that the English spell check for "Wilkommen" is "walkman".

Anyways - hello 2013!  Not going to lie, the end of the year definitely snuck up on me.  I'm finding myself to be in a similar place as I was last year, which is not the most comforting/rewarding mindset.  We'll see what happens; my resolution is not to be -so- lazy.  Because a resolution to stop being lazy is highly unrealistic, I need to start setting realistic, achievable goals.  That's very mature now, isn't it?  I think so.  This means I will still allow myself the occasional lazy indulgence, however other times I will turn up the drill sergeant in my head and get shit done.  That being said, I got plenty of shit done over new years celebrations.

1. Caught up with old friends and strolled the town, taking time to really appreciate where I am right now.  Sometimes, when you get used to living in a place, you tend to forget how remarkable and utterly beautiful it is.

2. Baked a lot (refer to Christmas cookie post).  These are the most awesome homemade (vegan!) cinnamon buns I have ever enjoyed.  And I helped make them (well, I did the icing).  I also made vegan ginger-pear muffins, which were also quite tasty.  Note to readers: I'm not vegan, just vegetarian, but my friend wanted tot test out these vegan recipes.  And I must say, they were yummy.

3. Had a lovely home cooked NYE dinner, followed by sparkling wine and fireworks in town.  Our small group of chums mingled amongst the guests of a fancy-pants hotel who were also out enjoying the fireworks display.  A tree caught on fire, but was quickly put out so no harm there.  After fireworks we visited the 20s party going on at a nearby bar and then spent some time at an underground nightclub where my baker partner was working.  We rounded the night off with heading home to eat leftovers.  All in all a successful, fun start to the new year.  Here here!

Bring it on 2013.

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