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31 October 2012

Birthday/Halloween Goodies

For my 3rd Birthday/Halloween in Germany, I celebrated with all of the many indulgences I've grown to love:

A lovely b-day package from mom allowed me to nom on some Halloween-themed Mac 'n Cheese.  Oh, edible nostalgia!

For my birthday dinner, I treated my guests to my favorite-to-make Halloween meal: stuffed Jack-O-Peppers (pictured) and stuffed intestines.  I made both meat and veggie versions (for the Peppers, I used kidney beans instead of ground beef, and for the intestines I added ground beef).  Check out the recipes and try them for yourself!

mmmm... I attempted some Chocolate Whiskey Cupcakes for the first time and they were yummy!  I didn't bother with the ganache, since I thought it would make too much of a mess (and, quite frankly, I didn't have any extra time to fuss with it), but I'm sure it makes them taste even more amazing.

Lastly, a shot of 'Brain Hemorrhage'.  This was at a bar, so I didn't make it myself, but it had Bailey's in it, which always makes for a tasty treat in my book.  :-)

11 October 2012

48 Go Green

The last weekend of September my good friend Hannah and I participated in the 48 Hour Go Green Film Festival.  Standard 48 hour proceedure, however all films deal with an environmental theme and the videos are uploaded online, not sent in.  Our theme was "save the forests.'

It was lots of fun!  We had tons of ideas to go with, but we ended up going with an artsy/sci-fi approach by twisting reality and using some excellent mimes.  You can check out our submission here.  Voting has just ended for the people's choice award (darn my infrequent blog posts!).  We'll find out the contender on the 13th.  If we do end up as said contender, I will certainly be pushing for votes come December when the 3rd and final group finishes their films.

go green!