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29 July 2013

The heights, sights, and possibly freights of Europa Park

Ever since I've taught English here in Freiburg, my students of all ages have encouraged me to go to Europa Park.  This summer I was finally able to do so, and in great company.  :-)

Height/Freight: One of the many roller coasters at Europa Park.  This is their most recent addition,  "Wodan", located in the Icelandic part of Europa Park.  It was added in 2012 and I believe it's the only wooden roller coaster (or "Achterbahn") in the park.  As with many wooden crate coasters, this one is thrilling, though you do get jostled around a bit.

Height: Acrosplash!  An acrobatic water show featuring an international cast portraying Bond & villains with many fancy dives, jumps, "comedic" effects, and concluding with a high dive into a low pool.

Sight/Freight: Clowns.  On almost every children's ride, clowns.  This was was particularly creepy as it was a clown dummy set to roll back and forth across its zipline, its body swaying along...

Sight/Freight:  And of course no children's fairytale experience is complete without something completely psychedelic.  Frogs, fairies, and plenty of 'shrooms on this joy ride.

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