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08 July 2012

Hello, Tour de France

Today I took a bit of a road trip with some friends down to der Schweiz to catch a glimpse of the Tour de France.  Our travels took us into the hills of the DelĂ©mont region.  We did get a bit lost on the way there, however that just provided us the chance to see some of the lovely scenic countryside.

This was my first "official" bike race (aside from a couple Dana Alia races I attended with my good friend Johanna) and it was tons of fun!  Of course, since I went along with 2 cycling enthusiasts, that made it even more exciting.  The hills of Montavon were a-buzz, and then almost eerily quite in the moments leading up to the emergence of the riders around the bend, which then led to various eruptions of encouragement by flag-wielding fans.  It was quite the experience.

All-in-all a great day.  You can check out further stages and obtain further Tour-related info at their official site.

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